CSE Revue

What is CSE Revue? 

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Revue is a live comedy sketch show held during September at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Produced and directed by members of the society, the show serves to highlight the technical and creative talents of UNSW students, as well as an opportunity for students to further develop their university experience.

Last year's CSE Revue was titled "Game of Codes", which delivered a raucous parody of the much beloved series "Game of Thrones", with the occasional CSE joke to spice it up.

This show attracted well over 1000 audience members across four nights and left the audience in stitches. With high energy sketches and caricature portrayals of Ned Stark, King Joffrey and the Dragon Queen herself, all brought together on stage in a gamer-esque setting, laughter ensued.

Filled with dancing, singing and comedic sketches, the show is presented by individuals of various backgrounds (and can I say, educational codes). CSE Revue promises a mix of acting, socialising and all 'round general fun; it is a great way to experience Uni life and meet others.

Perhaps you'll be forced to dance until your legs fall off or deliver lines that'll shock audiences but you are guaranteed to have fun and make friends in this creative production experience.

Latest News 

UNSW CSE Revue 2015 - THE LEGO REVUE17 Sep 2015

The long awaited comedy revue sketch show returns to you this semester with a BANG!

Proudly presenting CSE Revue 2015! – The LEGO REVUE
Filled with amazing dancing, singing and sketch comedy, CSE Revue 2015 draws inspiration from the 3D animated film - The Lego Movie! Bring your friends for a night of comedy you won’t forget!

>>>>Buy tickets at www.legorevue.com<<<<

Show details are as follows!
6-9 October 2015 (Week 10, Tue - Fri)
UNSW Science Theatre
Opening night $10
Groups (7+) $10 each
Arc@UNSW $12
Non Arc@UNSW $15
Adult $15

“Just do it!!!” – Shia LaBeouf
“So good you’ll shit bricks!” – 2X2 Lego brick
“just another brick in the wall” – Pink Floyd
“Spaceship!” – Benny

Wellbeing Makes Dumplings + Merch Orders + Webmin Meetup25 Aug 2015

Wellbeing Makes Dumplings!

The wellbeing team will be having its first meet-up to make dumplings this week.

If you don't know how to make them, our amazing wellbeing heads will teach you all you need to know.

Fill in the doodle if you are interested:


When: Thursday 27th August, 10am-2pm
Where: TBA
Facebook Event: Here

If you want to be part of the wellbeing team, join the group or email the heads at wellbeing.head@cserevue.org.au

Merchandise Orders
Do you want to have something to remember this year's show by? Come buy yourselves some awesome merch for The Lego Revue!

Log into our website and check out whats available here!

Please order quickly so we can get an idea of what everyone wants.

Also you should definitely order the mystery item because it's gonna be great

Webmin Meetup
The webmin team will be having a meeting to talk about upcoming projects.

There will a beginner project for people with no previous experience that focuses on front end design, whilst there will also be advanced project which requires knowledge of Javascript.

We'll be beginning work on these projects as soon as the meeting concludes, so if you can't make it and still want to be involved, shoot our webmin head (Vincent Tran) an email at webmin.head@cserevue.org.au.

Where: Meet at K17 305 and we'll find a suitable space.
When: Thursday 27th August, 4pm
Facebook Event: Here

Promos Meet and Greet03 Aug 2015

Are you
A) a social keen bean?
B) Want to get active around campus?
C) Want to learn the 101 on how to promote to the general uni public?

If you're everything above or none of the above but you're interested in finding what promos is all about come along to our meet and greet.

When: Thursday 6th of August, 12pm
Where: TBA
Facebook Event: Here

Please RSVP to promotions.head@cserevue.org.au

We will be providing some light lunch/snacks so please let us know by email, fb or whichever means you have of contacting us so we can cater for you too :)

Final Casting Call + CSE Revue goes to Ant-Man20 Jul 2015

Final Casting Call
This is it! If you're interested at all in doing cast or even if you're bored on Tuesday night and want to hang out with some cool people, come along and have some fun!

Dont miss out!

When: Tuesday 28th July, 6-8pm

Where: K17 Level 1 Seminar Room

Facebook Event: Here

CSE Revue goes to Ant-Man
I don't know about you guys, but at revue, we're big fans of most things Marvel. Guess what? Ant-man just came out! While he may not be the greatest of heroes in the Marvel universe, it's a movie you'll need to see before Civil War comes out. So why not join us this Friday at the Ritz to have a cool little movie sesh?

Where: Randwick Ritz
When: Movie starts at 7:10 (get there a bit earlier to buy tickets)
Facebook Event: Here