CSE Revue

What is CSE Revue? 

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Revue is a live comedy sketch show held during September at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Produced and directed by members of the society, the show serves to highlight the technical and creative talents of UNSW students, as well as an opportunity for students to further develop their university experience.

Last year's CSE Revue was titled "Game of Codes", which delivered a raucous parody of the much beloved series "Game of Thrones", with the occasional CSE joke to spice it up.

This show attracted well over 1000 audience members across four nights and left the audience in stitches. With high energy sketches and caricature portrayals of Ned Stark, King Joffrey and the Dragon Queen herself, all brought together on stage in a gamer-esque setting, laughter ensued.

Filled with dancing, singing and comedic sketches, the show is presented by individuals of various backgrounds (and can I say, educational codes). CSE Revue promises a mix of acting, socialising and all 'round general fun; it is a great way to experience Uni life and meet others.

Perhaps you'll be forced to dance until your legs fall off or deliver lines that'll shock audiences but you are guaranteed to have fun and make friends in this creative production experience.

Latest News 

Casting call #318 Jul 2016

Hey guys and gals! It's us again, the CSE Revue 2016 Directors, coming at you with another great call for cast! That's right! The legendary casting call is here to be experienced yet again!

So, as usual, we are calling out across UNSW for anyone and everyone who wants to sing, dance, and act on stage in front of a cheering crowd (which is truly an unforgettable experience, and will definitely be a highlight of your student years here!).

If this sounds like your thing, or, you're just wondering what all the fuss is about and want to be a part of revue in some way shape or form, then feel free to come along and join in on the fun! We look forward to seeing you all there! :)

FB Event

CSE Revue Camp 2016: SCIFI17 May 2016

The mid-year break is approaching, which means so is CSE Revue Camp! What better way to spend a cold, post-exam, winter weekend than to head up north with some friends to unwind and party?

Main activities include trivia night and sci-fi themed dance party (with band!), so come dressed as your favourite sci-fi character (or just whichever one has the easiest to make costume). There’s plenty of free time as well, so bring your favourite card and board games. Everything’s very laid-back at camp, so you can sleep-in till sunset or stay up all night playing mafia if you like.

Your meals will be cooked for you by the awesome wellbeing team, who make much better food than regular cafeteria trash. We will supply alcohol for the dance party, but you can bring your own too (not like you weren’t going to anyway).

>> Sign up here: http://cserevue.org.au/rms/camp/registrations/signup <<

Where: Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre, Myuna Bay
When: 15-17th July, 2016

Early bird Arc: $85
Early bird non-Arc: $93.5
Standard Arc: $90
Standard non-Arc: $99

Early-bird registration/payment ends: Friday 1st July
Registration/payment deadline: Friday 8th July

Payment Details:
BSB: 062303
Account Number: 10325752
Transaction Name: 'your name' CAMP

Bake sale, Socials social, Scripts/ideas block20 Mar 2016

Bake Sale
We are having bake sale on Tuesday outside the library! Come get your hands on some sweets and support your society.

Facebook event here

WHEN: Tuesday, 22/03/16, All day
WHERE: Library walkway

Socials social
Keen to get involved with CSE Revue this year? Come along to the first social event hosted by the Socials team to learn more about Revue, play some games, meet new people, and have loads of fun! Free snacks will be provided.

Everyone is welcome, from Revue veterans to absolute newbies who don’t even know what a revue is. Whether you're in CSE or not, come join the fun!

Facebook event here

WHEN: Thursday, 24/03/16, 17:00
WHERE: K17 Seminar room (LVL 1)

Scripts/Ideas block
It's top kek o'clock, Time for another scripts block.

Facebook event here

WHEN: Tuesday, 22/03/16, 18:00

Want to know more about how you, yes YOU, can get involved in our teams? Sign up on our website!

[CSE Revue News]22 Feb 2016

Membership Renewal
If you would like to keep receiving email updates from us please remember to renew your membership on our Website/Orgsync as we will no longer be updating our 2015 mailing list.


Programs / Certificates

If you would like your Program from the lego revue/Game of codes, you can collect it at our office in K17 basement until the end of week 1.

Revude Screenstorm

Keen for a walk down meme-ry lane? Tired of the TORRENT of Free stuff you’re getting at O-week? Come rest your feet and watch some good old revue highlights!

What: Revude screenstorm, revue screening
When: Wednesday, 24th March, 11:00
Where: QUAD G044
Why: WHY NOT!!!

O-week Revue

Do you like free samples? Well come down to the Quad stage at 10 on Tuesday or Thursday to get your free dose of Revue! There’ll be laughs from our friends at Med revue, Law revue and yours truly, so come on down!


We are still taking Lego Revue DVD orders, here. Get in early.

Membership cards

Are you a Uni student who likes discounts? We now have a membership card that you get for $5 at our O-week stall! There are discounts on your favourite places around campus, for more information ask one of our nice stall volunteers. Get your’s now!